Photographer Amir Marandi Interview with Status Fitness Magazine
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I started out shooting rock bands live while I was in high school and developed a passion for it. I have had the amazing opportunity to shoot some of the biggest bands in the world and travel with some of them, getting a glimpse into the behind scenes life of famous musicians while they work. Years later, I stumbled into the world of fitness as a favor for a friend who was a bodybuilder and needed some modeling photos. I was getting a lot of compliments on my work so I decided to pursue shooting fitness models in addition to work in the music industry. I have spent the past 19 years shooting the biggest names in the fitness industry and also becoming one of the exclusive photographers for the NPC and IFBB federations. I am grateful and blessed to be able to make a career out of my passion for photography, fitness, and music combined. There was never a day where I dread going to work and I’d never take that for granted.

53 and forever young at heart.

Columbus, Ohio.
How long have you been a photographer?
I have been a photographer since I was in high school. I have been shooting professionally for about 25 years.
What does it mean to you to get your images in Status Fitness Magazine?
I have been a fan of Status since its inception and have known members of the staff and have nothing but respect for them and the publication. I am a bit old school so I still LOVE to see print publications. To me, there is still a thrill to seeing my images in print. It is a thrill for me and also for the models I work with.
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I am a content and talent manager of Status Fitness Magazine. If you are looking to share your story or get featured in Status, contact me.

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