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While the restrictions attempt to weigh on our personal freedoms, we tend to forget how to maintain a healthy balance in our overall well-being. Why is it we put our overall health last, especially during times when we need our health, to be at its peak? Having so many distractions around us seems hard to juggle this balance without getting side-tracked. I am here to bring guidance, to ensure your journey feels lighter and energized through the evolutional changes, that are unfolding before us. Tune into my featured articles, as I help bring this balance back into your life. I have laid out seven daily practices to reclaim your freedom.

Eating live foods.
You hear everyone talking about the new fab diet. I don’t believe in dieting to maintain an overall lifestyle balance, but I do believe everyone should find a healthy balance with what they consume. After all, you are what you eat, literally. So why do we eat all these processed foods on the market, that serve our body zero nutritional value? Eating can actually be quite simple. I am going to explain how.

Eat what Mother Earth naturally grows, live colourful foods.

Eating high-frequency foods is so important to energize the body and for it to be at its highest performance for energy output throughout your day. If you are always eating fast foods, you are eating low-frequency foods that have zero nutritional value for your body. If you eat beautiful live foods directly from Mother Earth, you are vibrating at a higher frequency, which is energizing your entire being. Not just your physical body, but also your spiritual and mental connection to your higher divinity, helping you flow with the universal energies. We are evolving and it’s important to evolve with the changes unfolding now.

I suggest starting intermittent fastening within a 16-8 hour window while eating all these beautiful live foods from Mother Earth. Pick a 6-8 hour window, you will be consuming live foods and the other 16 hours you fast. I personally went from eating 5-6 meals a day to eating plant-based and now I am breatharian. I am in the best shape while feeling absolutely amazing. Intermittent fastening has made me energized to the point, I need less sleep and I can be more productive with my days. Consuming certain foods can take up a lot of energy while it digests; intermittent fastening is a great way to reset your entire system, while it cleanses your entire being.

As we continue to evolve with Mother Earth, this will be the way of the future on how we consume our foods. Understanding that we are all one, equal and returning to the living way of the oneness, is an important message. The Planet is moving into a state of peace, their fore everyone has to do their part, in finding equality and balance within. While consuming live foods from Mother Earth, you are elevating your overall frequencies, while being Planet-friendly. You will be witnessing, the food industry changing forever while having everyone respecting the way of the oneness. Making lifestyle changes to honour all, will benefit your entire life in more ways than one. Be the change, the evolution here now.
Drinking live water
This is something we are all unaware of, we do not consume on a day-to-day basis. Almost all water sources you drink are most likely dead water if you drink tap or bottled. Drinking live water is a complete game-changer for your body, to be able to absorb the water on a cellular level. Live water molecules such as Alkaline water, have smaller molecule cells to absorb nutrients, while dead water molecules are too big for your cells to absorb. You are leaving your body most likely feeling full, bloated or extremely thirsty afterwards. Most bottled or tap water has zero nutrients and is acidic.

Drinking clean sources of water go much deeper than you can imagine. If our bodies are made up of 80 % water, we should make this our number one priority.

I drink glacier water in the summers and at home, I have a water filtration system in my home that delivers live water. By using a live water system to clean my foods, and strip the oils and pesticides from my vegetables, whereas city water cannot remove the chemicals. My body and energies have changed drastically from changing my water source. Live water sources don’t have fluoride either and this helps with vibrating at a higher frequency. It helps to decalcify your pineal gland (third eye), connecting you to higher truths that are unfolding all over the planet. Drinking clean sources of water goes much deeper than you can imagine. If our bodies are made up of 80 % water, we should make this our number one priority. As I am now breatharian and I drink a lot of water during my day fastening, water sources are extremely important for my light body. I feel absolutely the best, I have ever felt. I am connecting to all universal realities while rising to my higher purpose. I can guarantee you will be doing the same just by drinking live water.

Moving Your Being
Move your body daily, you heard me! Your body is made to move and be happy. We feel the best when we are active and in motion, so what is holding you back? Your body is not meant to be stagnant and we know this. Do things you love, it doesn’t have to be the gym or a forced boring routine. Fall in love with what you do; do what you love and love what you do.

Moving the body daily is the key to having a good clean energy flow within your being. Whatever you choose to do, love what you do and move your body every day.

Keep things simple and call forward your inner child, we all have one. Be playful and have fun. Have the courage to try something new, go out and dust off that old bike or just enjoy the beautiful sun’s energies. Fall in love with living again. I went from being inside the gym to being outside with everything I do now. This has been the best transition for me. Everything I choose to do is by the sun and this is how we should all live, by the sun. I am preparing amazing never-seen wellness packages, that have Qigong practices. Qigong is excellent for energy alignment, clearing your energy, as well as strengthening your auric field. Most people do Qigong before they start their day. This practice takes about 20-25 minutes. I have designed Heaven on Earth, The Rainbow Connection, Return of the Goddess and other great Qigong workouts. Qigong connects us to our higher being while removing any heavy dense energies and replacing them with higher vibrational energies. It’s an excellent way to kick-start your day.

The most frequently asked question, is how do I meditate? Our life should be a living moving meditative state. Most people are unaware of all the different forms of meditation and think all forms of meditation are sitting quietly and doing nothing for 20 minutes. There are many forms of mediation practices. Meditation is where you let your mind go clear and align with your higher being, connecting you to your higher purpose. It is a state of joy and peace within and anything that brings you those feelings.

When you are happy, your soul’s purpose can strive to live a more fulfilled life.

A few great forms of meditation; are art, writing, building, hobbies, singing, dancing, music, working out, sports, being outside with Mother Earth and Gardening. There are many traditional forms of meditation and breathing work. I will be providing guided meditations in my wellness package, to help educate and guide you into a new world of self-discovery. Connecting you higher, while learning how to surrender to the divinity within. It is important we do anything that brings our heart joy and our body feeling more aligned. Your practice here is to revolve our days around a joyful state of meditation and do things you enjoy doing.

I took the leap of faith five years ago and revolved my life around these daily practices. Now I live a life full of freedom, doing what I love to do while helping others. I decided to change, to benefit my livelihood and to achieve my life’s calling. Meditation is now how I choose to live, in a state of peace and harmony. I naturally am in a meditative state and flow throughout my days. I love listening to music, it naturally puts me in a state of meditation. During difficult times, I have found music was a form of freedom for myself. We as a collective have lost connection with these practices and have fallen into society’s ways of being on social media or T.V. that disconnects us, from these practices. Everyone has a choice, where do you decide to invest in your time? Start to make those conscious changes get rid of TV and minimize your screen time to invest in practices, that will bring you joy and true value in your life. Make these decisions today, to make your life a living moving mediative state of pure bliss and joy.

Reconnecting to Mother Earth
All Mother Earth’s beauty, is an absolute yes, for me! Get outside every single day and move with her, she is calling you. She heals you, feeds you and gives you a place to call home. The time is now, we start to give her the grace we stepped away from. Yes, she is alive and she is one of your mothers. When you eat or drink, do you bless where it came from and send Mother Earth your gratitude? She hears you and you are one of her children, it’s important we go back to reconnecting entirely with her. Move with her and live one with her.

If you or anyone you know needs healing or alignment, use Mother Earth’s frequencies to heal. Earthing is an ancient traditional way of healing, used and keeps us connected to the high Earth frequencies we need to live. As all her elements have high frequencies, they can heal and elevate your frequencies. Living in the city disconnects you, in all ways from her and that is the number one reason so many feel disconnected. Have we just lost relationships with the Earth? Don’t be afraid to take your shoes off and connect with her daily. Lay with her to heal, and regain energies and strength with her and from her.

A famous story told within healers is a Native American young girl who was very ill and they attempted everything to heal her, but nothing was working. A well-known shaman brought her out to the desert and buried her body, leaving her head out for 3 days. He sat with her feeding her only water and letting Mother Earth heal her body. After day 3, she was better! This is from all the high-frequency energies she had received directly from Mother Earth, that her body was lacking. Living in the city is heavy frequencies that disconnect us from the high frequencies we lack. It is the biggest warfare on this planet, is the disconnection from Mother Earth. We are returning to traditional ways of living, that will benefit all that lead with the heart and protect Mother Earth. Choose to live one with her and watch your life transform into a miracle. Be with Mother Earth every day, she is the missing energy source you need to reconnect with.

Healing your heart
We are now transitioning, to lead with our hearts and not our heads. This is much easier said than done, especially living in a society where we are in such a rush, we don’t lead with our hearts.

The revolution is here, you can say goodbye to the old ways and welcome the new!  Some people view these earthly changes as a negative and others as an opportunity. This time is meant for healing traumas, letting go of all that does not serve you and finding your true higher purpose. What makes your heartbeat? What motivates you to get out of bed every day? What inspires you and makes you naturally lead with your heart?

It takes courage to remove the shield of your heart and do this healing. Most do not even know they have any healing to do. I am here to tell you, that we all do. I can promise you there are rewards when the work is done. Love is always the reward. Love shows up in many shapes and forms. Many new wonderful relationships will present themselves, once you learn to open your heart to receive this love. Have you ever thought, it wasn’t this lifetime you need healing from? We have numerous lifetimes we need healing from. Healing your heart will connect you with your past lifetimes while opening you up to personal truths on a soul level.  Be courageous. Believe in yourself. Start being open to the love that surrounds you and watch the magic appear. Are you open to receiving love and are you open to giving love to everyone and everything around you? Do you see the beauty in all or are you closed off? That should give you a good indication of where you stand. As you begin these practices, you begin to feel and let things surface as they should. feel them and let them go as they come. Cut cords and know it’s ok to feel the way you are feeling, forgive and move forward. If you don’t have the courage to forgive, it makes healing hard.  Practice forgiveness and choose to live on a higher frequency by giving unconditional love to all and love will surround you. Say aloud “I AM the unconditional love and I invite all forms of unconditional love, into my reality. Thank you”.

Our heart takes the back seat, along with our health. Both need to be in sync to live a happier life in a peaceful flow.

Peace on Earth
We are rising to Peace on Earth, even if it doesn’t seem that way. Yes, we very well are creating this and it will indeed happen with or without you.  It is important to have the mindset and the heart working towards the Peace on Earth connection, that is rising. As you continue to see the chaos around the world, understand these changes are taking place, for us to create peace on Earth. If we didn’t see them, would you be the change? The awakening is here, so be a part of the most spectacular event yet to flourish on Earth.

Let go of what does not serve you and instils fear in you. Shut it down immediately and change those realities to peaceful ways of living. Change whatever instills these fears in you, to have a life filled with peace. We are meant to live in peace, so live in peace. Why are you choosing to surround your life, with what does not serve you for our higher purpose? Do you like division and let fear run your reality? We need love and unity. I live free, I am surrounded by amazing souls who also live free while having wild Earth adventures together. I choose freedom and I choose to take care of my body like a temple, which helps gain me these freedoms. It starts with you, your health and the realities around you. What you choose to let exist and not exist.

Every day we have this choice, live in fear and division or live free. I am here to help guide you back to the right choices and your true alignment. I am here to tell you, it is ok to turn away from anything that instils fear. It’s time to surround yourself with everything you love and the people who love you for being you. You are the master of your own realities. Take control of your reality and create freedom. It starts with you, so make those changes necessary and understand the rest will change around you when you make the changes. When you choose to be part of change unfolding, you will rise to a higher frequency. Choose to turn off fear and open your heart. Love and freedom are always the rewards.

By following these seven daily practices I ensure you will be living a more fulfilled life, along with feeling those freedoms. Embracing the newness within you, as it comes, be patient with yourself, while you learn to reconnect yourself to higher Earth frequencies. Feeling in control of your well-being is a great feeling to help you transition, into the new version you’re evolving to. Focus on one practice a week and watch the miracles flow into your life. Say aloud every day “I AM open to receiving my miracles today, Thank you.”

Photos By: Dan Galic

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I grew up a very accomplished athlete while enjoying spending as much time with my beautiful son outside adventuring with Mother Nature. My family is my inspiration, in helping me expand and excel in her all areas of my life. Being in the Health and Wellness Industry for 14 years has brought me much joy. Alongside helping others achieve better ways of living; I am a WBFF and Superleague Pro Athlete, Published Fitness Model, Reiki Master Healer while writing for Magazines. I am a proud owner of Veenstar Fitness Ltd and Jaguar Priestess Healing Temple. Sharing my inspiration and knowledge with others, in living a healthier fulfilled life, is what I am here to do.

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