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What does it take to have a successful transformation?

Some of you may think this is just physical, like a huge weight loss or increased muscle size. While those are a part of a transformation, the physical change is just the by-product of the complete transformation.

“Health and fitness tools without purpose or direction become sources of addiction, dysmorphia and disorders.” ~ Hannah Dawson

I teach the five pillars to a successful transformation on my online platform called the Fit Club, and my PLAN DO SUCCEED Journal.

If you apply all five pillars, you will have a successful, lasting transformation.

1. MINDSET: You are only as healthy as your mindset.
Mindset is the first pillar and one of the most important pillars. Just like the foundation of a house is the most important for building a home, your mindset is the most crucial foundation for building your body and relationship with yourself.

Like you have to train your muscles to get stronger, you have to train your mind to stay focused, disciplined, and positive.

Training your mind takes work and planning, just as training your body does. You have to have a plan and follow through on that plan. You couldn’t expect you to walk into a gym and wing it with no program and see results. You can’t expect to have a strong mindset without coming up with a plan.


  1. Trust, you must trust the process, the program, and your coach.
  2. Focus, You have to lose all distraction and focus on your goal.
  3. Patience, results take time, so you will have to practice patience daily.

Ways to build a strong mindset:

  • Write out your goals and your WHY
  • Practice gratitude daily. It’s pretty hard to be negative when you are thankful.
  • Create a morning routine and set your mind right for the day. It May look like making a list of all the things you’re grateful for; it could be journaling and setting your intentions for that day.
  • It could be prayer or meditation, or both.
  • It could be listening to motivational speakers on a podcast or youtube videos.
  • It could be having a look at your workout and planning your meals.
  • It could be ALL OF THE ABOVE.

The point is to saturate your mind with the right stuff, the stuff that will inspire you to stay focused and reach your goals.

2. NUTRITION: You can’t out-train poor nutrition
To transform your body, it starts with what’s on your plate. Your food has the power to accelerate your results, health, and quality of life.

Understanding that you must adhere to either a caloric deficit or surplus if you want to burn fat or build muscle; means to build muscle; you must eat more than you burn, and to burn fat, you must burn more than you consume.

To transform your body, you have to follow your meal plan and be consistent with your nutrition. You must adhere to your calories but also proper energy balance ( proteins, carbs, and fats). You will base your calories on the goal you set, body type, age, height, weight, and activity level.

Lastly, educate yourself on your food sources, proteins, carbs, and fats. Get to know your nutrition; the more you know, the more flexibility you’ll have and the more creative you can be.

If done right, your nutrition will enhance your results, goals, sleep, hormones, and energy levels.

3. WEIGHT TRAINING: Weightlifting is one of the most powerful tools to transform your body and mind.
Weightlifting will transform your body and mind. If you want to burn fat, then lift weights. If you’re going to build muscle, then lift weights.

Like with your nutrition, you need to track it and hit your caloric needs to see results. Tracking your workouts is just as important; you cant progress what you don’t track. For each exercise, you should be adding progressive overload.

“When performance is measured, performance improves. When performance is measured and reported back, the rate of improvement accelerates.” ~ Pearsons Law

You have to show up with a plan and keep showing up; that’s it. Just like you need repetition in your exercise to get stronger and build muscle, you need repetition in your workout routine to create consistency and transform your body.

4. CARDIO: This is a fat accelerator but not the foundation to lasting fat loss.
I find women obsessed with this one but can do so much damage if not done correctly. Your cardio routine should complement your training and nutrition in adherence to your goals.

Cardio is a tool to enhance your results; unless your training for a marathon or a runner, it’s not the main focus. Cardio is like the sprinkles on the cake.

Cardio is excellent if implemented right, but if not done correctly can leave you with extreme sugar cravings and adrenal fatigue.

The key is doing the right amount for you and your goals to adhere to long term.

5. CONSISTENCY: It’s less about intensity and more about consistency.
To reach your goals, you must be consistent. Once you reach your goal, you must be consistent.

Being consistent is a mindset that creates a behavior. Doing something intense for a week because you want your results faster is counterproductive. What you want to focus on is changing daily behaviors that will guide you towards your goal, and keep doing that until you reach your goal.

Lastly, consistency beats perfection, you will not be perfect at this, but you must be consistent.

I am Hannah Dawson from Edmonton, Alberta. I am a wife and mom of two girls. I am a transformation and mindset coach helping women around the globe change their stories. I am the creator of an online platform called the FIT CLUB, where I give women the tools to reach their fitness goals.

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