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One look at its bottle will tell you the story of a new-age ultra-concentrated pre-workout energizer that’ll have you pushing through the intensity barriers that have been holding you back from achieving the best workouts of your life. The metallic red coloring, high-voltage graphics and impressive list of high potency ingredients boldly signal the supercharged workouts and sheer domination over the iron you’ll experience when using it. It’s called Magnum PRE FO and once you’ve tried it you’ll never train without it.

When formulating this new technology in workout supplementation, Magnum Nutraceuticals wanted a product that delivered much more than the existing market-leading pre-workouts – a state-of-the-art supplement that would rapidly deliver a massive and enduring energy burst without the jitters and short-term effects typically associated with other pre-workout formulations. PRE FO combines only the very best ingredients, all designed to work synergistically to markedly boost mental and physical prowess while producing the profound state of euphoria and intense focus needed to enhance your commitment to training all-out. PRE4 is also the first pre-workout formula ever to align the perfect ratio of powerful nootropic ingredients with a view to negating the stimulant crash experienced with other concentrated pre-workouts. With its balanced ingredient profile and effective dosages, PRE4 will provide you with just the right amount of stimulation to enhance mental focus minus the dreaded jitters.

And if all that wasn’t enough, PRE FO is ultra-delicious with a taste that has to be experienced to be believed. Never in the history of pre-workout supplementation has a product captured the essence of candy the way PRE FO has. PRE FO’s Cola Candy and Candy Keys flavors have revolutionized the way a pre-workout should taste, so much so that it’ll have the rest of the pack scrambling to keep up. Quite simply, PRE FO is the most sophisticated and delicious-tasting pre-workout on today’s market and it’s ready to reawaken your desire to push harder than ever before.


Citrulline Power
Among the best of the modern era’s natural performance enhancers, Citrulline, by itself, will generate long-lasting levels of maximum intensity. When combined with PRE FO’s many additional pharmaceutical-grade compounds, it’ll give you gains you’ve only ever dreamed about. Citrulline is known for enhancing muscle endurance and workout recovery while reducing muscle soreness. Whenever we train, the body produces lactic acid and ammonia, both of which inhibit the glycotic energy cycle and cause us to stop short of full intensity. The fatigue fighter Citrulline stops this from happening to greatly extend training duration and volume. Citrulline also increases Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) and Nitric Oxide (NO) production to prolong training and to force a maximum amount of blood into the working muscles, thus producing the sought-after pumping sensation that signals extreme growth.

As a powerful nootropic agent, Acetyl-L-Carnitine (ALCAR) greatly accelerates the production of acetylcholine and dopamine, thereby enhancing concentration, focus, sensory awareness and athletic performance while bolstering mental energy, motivation and alertness. This essential workout compound will get you up for the hardest training session and keep you there. It does this, in part, by working synergistically with PRE4’s potent caffeine blend to prolong mental alertness. It’ll also permanently strengthen neural connections for long-lasting mental health benefits. ALCAR provides a clear, high energy state that lasts for hours while also reducing stimulant-induced jitters. While traditionally used as a powerful fat burner and metabolic booster, ALCAR is also effective in delaying muscle fatigue by reducing the onset and accumulation of lactic acid production and by sparing muscle glycogen to keep training energy high.

Agmatine Sulphate 
Another advanced nootropic agent, Agmatine Sulphate improves focus, wellbeing and attention span while driving down stress, anxiety and the catabolic hormone cortisol. Taken prior to training it can promote confidence and a sense of personal mastery over the iron. It does this by increasing serotonin and noradrenaline levels in the prefrontal cortex of the brain, the executive control center that guides human performance. Agmatine Sulphate also assists the uptake of glucose into muscles while greatly enhancing vasodilation, both important when seeking to train with full intensity while forcing as much blood as possible into the muscles. With Agmatine, your pain zone will fast become your gain zone.

French Pine Bark Extract (90% Oligomeric Pro)
Working in conjunction with Citrulline, French Pine Bark Extract enhances blood flow and oxygen transport to promote sustained muscle pumping while assisting with post-workout recovery. By stimulating eNOS (Endogenous Nitric Oxide Synthase) in arterial walls by up to 78%, this highly anabolic compound will have you training harder, for longer, while enjoying the tightest muscle pumps ever experienced.

Bacopa Monnieri Extract (55% Bacosides A&B)
Bacopa Monnieri Extract enhances cognition and focus while reducing anxiety and stress by interacting with the dopamine and serotonergic systems and through strengthened neural communication. This much-studied compound is thought to increase motivation and drive, giving rise to its association with increased training performance. But like PRE FO’s other performance compounds, it’s only beneficial in sufficiently high pharmaceutical grade dosages, as found in PRE FO.

Caffeine Anhydrous and Dicaffeine Malate 
The performance benefits of caffeine are numerous. With PRE FO you’ll receive them all through a perfect blend of Caffeine Anhydrous and Dicaffeine Malate. Ingested pre-workout, these two superior caffeine forms will give you increased nervous system activation, intense focus, heightened mental acuity, advanced fat burning, greater strength and power output and higher levels of mental and physical endurance. The highly concentrated and pure Anhydrous, the gold standard in caffeine supplementation, has been shown to directly potentiate skeletal muscle force, work and power among a raft of other performance benefits. Dicaffeine Malate combines caffeine with Malic Acid to help replenish caffeine’s energizing benefits while offsetting potential caffeine-induced digestive problems.

Low stress combined with maximum focus is the optimal state for extreme training aggression and killer workouts. It pays to be calm when zeroing in on a big lift and L-Theanine will give you the tranquility of mind necessary for sustained concentration when tackling the heavy iron. It does this by increasing inhibitory neurotransmitter levels in the brain, thereby promoting a prolonged state of relaxation. The problem with many pre-workouts is excessive stimulation, which may cause anxiety and impair focus. With L-Theanine, the stimulatory effects of PRE FO’s caffeine component are modulated to better enhance focus and narrow attention. PRE FO produces a calm, focused state to ensure training intensity is directed exactly where it is needed: to the task at hand.

Bitter Orange Extract (30% Synephrine) 
Bitter Orange Extract is an adrenergic amine which contains the stimulant alkaloids Synephrine, Octopamine, and N-Methyltyramine. It mimics catecholamine activity of the sympathetic nervous system, thus providing the performance benefits of increased epinephrine, norepinephrine and dopamine to energize the body for sustained physical output without significantly increasing heart rate or blood pressure. Bitter Orange Extract also stimulates the body’s Beta-3 receptors to rapidly break down and burn fat for energy.

An Advanced Formula
100-percent pharmaceutical grade and with a delicious taste all of its own, PRE FO will have you fired up for every session. It’ll also induce metabolic rate increases to obliterate fat stores, produce prodigious muscle pumps and heighten mental focus and the desire to push further and train for longer than ever before. PRE FO will also generate long-lasting energy to give you the strength and endurance to navigate the toughest training sessions. PRE FO has taken its rightful place as the most sophisticated technology in pre-workout supplementation. Isn’t it time you tasted the intensity for superior muscle gains?




BREAKING NEWS:  Magnum has 2 products PRE4 (for Canada) and PRE-FO (For USA and International) with the identical ingredient profiles. The only difference is their product name.

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